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Why energy will top Pennsylvania’s legislative agenda in 2015

It’s official. Democrat Tom Wolf will assume the reigns of the governorship of Pennsylvania from Republican Tom Corbett following the turn of the New Year.

As such, many significant decisions await the Governor-elect in the upcoming years, decisions concerning jobs, budgets, the economy, business development, and the environment – all of which are tied to the state’s booming energy sector and the vast array of natural resources that support it.

"We have to take advantage of those natural resources responsibly, but we have to take advantage of them," Wolf said following his win in November.

Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) could not agree more.

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Energy issues are paramount to the Keystone State’s 2014 election

A continuing string of polls once again underscores what we have known for quite some time now: that the overall economy will be, without a doubt, the No. 1 issue on American’s minds when they hit the polls on Nov. 4.

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Abundance of opportunities await schools in wake of energy revolution

The record-setting, headline-making energy boom that has hit the state thanks to our proximity to the Marcellus Shale is not only saving Pennsylvanians hard-earned dollars in their utility bills, but it’s also saving millions in energy costs for cash-strapped school districts and many government offices.

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How shale impact fees continue to help Pennsylvanians

Imagine the excitement of officials in a pair of northern Pennsylvania counties earlier this year when they learned their communities and its hardworking taxpayers would get more than $22 million in impact fees collected from natural gas production companies.

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Anti-fracking is a Civil Rights movement

“This is a civil human rights action that is all. Forget about it, no politician will save you. They have to be held accountable,” said Craig Stevens, and, if you are taking any lessons from his playbook from Monday’s blog, targeting infrastructure is the way to bypass political inaction and thwart the sprawling pipeline infrastructure that brings liquid natural gas(LNG) to market.

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A lesson from Craig Stevens’ playbook

A Lesson from Craig Stevens’ Playbook

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Mike Butler serves as Executive Director of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Mid-Atlantic, where he leads activities to educate and engage consumers of energy from every sector of the economy – large industrial natural gas users, small business, retail owners, hospitals, transportation, and local consumers. By focusing on the importance of responsibly accessing available natural resources and the need for stable energy prices for business, agriculture, manufacturing, and other energy consumers, CEA Mid-Atlantic aims to expand productive, sensible discussion on energy policy across the region. Prior to joining CEA Mid-Atlantic, Butler served as Finance Director for the re-election effort of U.S. Senator Bob Casey. After leading efforts to raise over $16 million for the Senator’s campaign, Mike’s was named to PoliticsPA’s “Top Operatives of 2012.” Additionally Mike served as District Director for Congressman Jason Altmire, Finance Director for Dan Onorato for Governor, and fundraiser for State Treasurer Rob McCord.